Project Name: Driver Distraction Management System Using Sensor Data Cloud.
Developed By: Green Networking Research Group (GNR-Group), Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Dhaka.
Funded By : ISIF(Information Society Innovation Fund) Asia 2013.
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What is Driver Distraction?

Road traffic accident is a major health hazard in the Asia Pacific region, especially in Bangladesh. Driver distraction is the main cause of road accidents and highway crashes. It can be defined as any types of events or causes that take away driver’s visual (eyes off the road), manual (hands off the steering wheel) and cognitive (mind off the road) attention from the driving task.
Brief Description of the Project


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In this project, we investigate the problem of designing and implementing the driver’s distraction monitoring and controlling system for safe transportation in the region. Our long term goal is to augment current driver distraction methods and empower drivers, owners of vehicles, driver recruiters, and road transport authority with a novel pervasive computing system for continuous monitoring and management of driver distraction. We aim to achieve this goal using sensor-based data collection systems, low cost wireless data communication systems, the Internet and the cloud computing technologies. Such an integrated system would ensure the effective and efficient use of information collected for measuring the driver distractions. We will analyze, design and implement innovative system services such as real-time information collection and reporting on driver’s healthcare, their driving performances, providing alert messages immediately in emergency cases, determination of the distraction levels, etc. To minimize road accidents as well as death tolls in Bangladesh.

Current Status of the Project


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